Standard shipping rates 2023

Zine up to 200g Zines up to 500g Zines up to 1kg
UK £3 £5 £5
EU £4 £6 £10
ROW £6 £8 £15

Note: we quote based on individual circumstances, please contact us for a quote!

Storage 2023

Storage is chargeable monthly per SKU per box (minimum 1 SKU per box).

A box is a standard 29.5 x 23 x 19cm (these are fairly close to the boxes printers ship in).

1 box £10/month
2 boxes £15/month
3 boxes £17.5/month
4 boxes £20/month
5 boxes £22/month

Additional charges 2023

Inventory of stock - counting stock in storage or received in goods in £15/SKU
Photo of stock £2/photo
Shipment received without pre-advice £50
Invalid shipping data - chargeable for us to fix it £15/hour
Shipping return files - tracking (if available), weight etc. £10/file


We invoice monthly on 30 day terms in GBP. For bulk projects we invoice on completion, but may require a deposit.

You can pay by bank transfer or by card.